There are numerous reasons why you should encourage your children to engage in team sports since early age. It is a way to make new friends, strengthen bonds between the team members and the coach and stay active. Through the fun games, the children learn crucial social skills as well as the importance and value of being able to work in a team.


Here is a list of benefits of engaging in team sports, especially for children: 

  1. Participating in team sports, scoring, winning and improving helps build the self-awareness and the confidence. Showing these skills helps children become stronger and more self-confident.
  2. Regular training and playing help the children to stay active and get sufficient exercise. Combining the fun of the game with the physical activity helps keep the children healthier, improves the immunity and reduces the risk of obesity or other health problems which are becoming a serious issue in the US even for the youngest children who live sedentary lives and consume unhealthy foods and beverages.
  3. Being part of a team helps the child find new friends and further build existing friendships with the teammates and the coaches. This too helps improve the social skills, and is actually a perfect start to what could possibly end up as life-long strong friendships.
  4. It may not be so obvious, but there is a correlation between playing sports and studying. Children who are in team sports are actually more able to achieve
  5. Better academic achievements. The main reason is that through regular training, children learn to adhere to the rules of the game and develop a better discipline and concentration, which are crucial for improved studying skills and learning.
  6. Although most children find it tough to lose a game, losing can actually teach them to value the importance of teamwork and of striving toward one common goal.
  7. Playing team sports also helps teach children to respect the authorities as well as the teammates. Being in a team sport means that you need to listen to the coach and respect his decisions, as well as respect the decisions of the referees during the game.
  8. Playing in a team can also help promote the involvement of family. Parents and siblings often attend games and practice, which helps bond stronger family relations and support.
  9. Joining a team can help resolve issues with children who are shy, more isolated and lack confidence. Sport can actually be a good therapy to help such children regain their confidence and make new friends, and thus feel less isolated from the others.
  10. Being in a team also helps create the very valuable sense of belonging in children.